Carolina Fish Hatchery, Inc.
Carolina Fish Hatchery Inc
2424 Thomson Ave Turkey, N.C 28393

Providing North Carolina, Virginia  and
South Carolina with live fish for pond
stocking since 1988.

Carolina Fish Hatchery is a large producer of  
live fish for pond stocking, grow out fingerling's
and wholesale Koi.

We offer
pond stocking
recommendations, and reliable low cost
delivery. Payment is C.O.D.

For a complete list of live pond fish available
through Carolina Fish Hatchery, click for
and stocking options.

***  Pond Fish Stocking Packages ***

Our highest quality pond and lake stocking. A one acre pond stocking package includes larger fish and reasonable
fish truck delivery.

  • 700 2-5" Bluegill
  • 100 4" Largemouth Bass
  • 100 6-8" Blue Channel Catfish
  • 300 2-4" Red ear Shell-cracker
  • 10 Lbs. Minnows

Our 1/2 acre special includes:
  • 350 2-4" Bluegill
  • 150 2-4" Shellcracker
  • 50 3-5 Catfish
  • 50 3" Largemouth Bass
  • Lbs. Fathead Minnows

(*) Our 1/2 Acre pond can be purchased by pre-order at the farm or off the truck along our sceduled route
and our normal fish day events
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Farm direct pond stocking