Price list & Pond Stocking options
Carolina Fish Hatchery specializes in live fish for pond stocking. We are the ideal choice for large custom orders as well
as small pond owners looking for a balanced pond in a cost efficient live fish delivery. Our farm and delivery methods
allow for bigger healthier fish and an enjoyable pond stocking experience.
We offer our wholesale buyers volume prices and a large pond fish inventory. We have recently re-designed our
holding facilities to accommodate quick, efficient live fish transfer.
We post our prices to help our customers with price comparison and we hope you will call for a pond stocking plan that
best suits your budget and your pond.
Pond fish stocking recommendations
To produce harvest able fish,  we recommend a balanced pond stocking as
suggested by the N.C. Extension Service. We suggest you get a PH reading of
above 6.0 and you get your preditors "on grade".
For existing ponds we try and save cost by providing specific  pond fish that will  
most benefit your pond. Most of the time we gather enough information from
our customers to make a good guess. Your state extension service is a good
source of unbiased information.
1 acre new pond stocking package
Fish Size Amount
Bluegill 2-4" 700
Shellcracker 2-4" 300
Minnows 10 lbs
Largemouth Bass 2-4" 100
Channel Catfish 6-8" 100
Price $785.00
3/4 acre pond stocking package
Fish Size Amount
Bluegill 2-5" 450
Shellcracker 2-4" 200
Minnows 7.5 lbs
Largemouth Bass 2-4" 75
Channel Catfish 6-8" 75
Price $585.00
Pond P.H.
New pond owners should measure
their pond Ph prior to pond stocking. A
Ph of 5.5-9 will hold fish but closer to 7
or 8 is best for fish growth and
reproduction. You can find test kits
with pool suppliers and pet stores.

2014 Retail Price List
Hybrid Striped Bass
6-8" 10-12"
$2.45 $3.45
Black Crappie
2-4" 4-6"
$1.50 $2.30
Bluegill or Redear (Shellcracker)
2-4" 4-6" 6"+
1-299 $0.45 $1.60 call
300-999 $0.35 $1.15 call
1000-1999 $0.30 $0.90 call
2000+ call call call
Hybrid Bluegill
4-6" 6"+
$0.80 $1.50
Largemouth Bass(seasonal, as available)
2-4" 4-6" 6-8" 8-10" 10-12" 12"+
1-499 $1.10 $2.00 $3.25 $4.75 $6.25 $8.00 per lb
500-1000 $1.30 $1.75 $2.35 $4.25 $5.75 $7.50 per lb
1000 $1.00 $1.45 $2.25 $3.85 $5.25 $7.00 per lb
1000+ call call call call call call
Channel Catfish
4-6" 6-8" 8-10"
1-199 $0.55 $0.80 $0.90
200-499 $0.55 $0.65 $0.80
500-999 $0.45 $0.55 $0.75
1000+ call call call
Triploid (Sterile) Grass Carp
5-7" 10-12"
1-49 $call $12.00
50-199 $call $12.00
200-400 call call
Fathead Minnows/Gambusia (Mosquito Fish)
$14.00 per lb
Buy Pond Fish Online
New shipping agreements have reduced cost enough to provide pond stocking
packages via Southwest Air or Fed-ex. to most of the US. Our work with
shipping times and fish densities assure your cargo weight will not be wasted.
While pond fish we ship are not generally the size our trucks deliver we put the
right proportion and the same types of pond fish we stock regularly.Our
speciality is providing pond owners with a balanced pond that produces big
fish. Call for price and shipping details.   
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