Black Crappie

Black Crappie: A farm prospective

Black Crappie is an easy fish to hatch, but are a challenge to hold, haul, and grow. Crappie are a “shy” fish in the production ponds. They occupy mid and bottom levels in grow out ponds and prefer sinking foods .Rapid reproduction slows our ability to get big size in our Crappie ponds, We set Crappie with Minnows to improve the growth and size.
Black Crappie are best moved in the Winter,early spring and late fall in water temp. of 50-60. Crappie must be “hardened” in tanks for 2 days and transported with salt and stabilizers in hauling tanks. Customers who buy Black Crappie are very dedicated to catching and eating these fish.

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Black Crappie: A farm prospective