Carolina Fish Hatchery Inc

2424 Thomson Ave Turkey, N.C 28393


Carolina Fish Hatchery produces large quantities of Japanese strain Koi for wholesale buyers. Our prices, quality and high volume production separates us from other Koi dealers and has supported huge growth in our Koi sales. Our Koi farm produces bigger Koi because we have more ponds. Our huge Koi inventory provides for a great variety in color, size and appearance (Butterfly) that can be adjusted toward buyer preference. For North Carolina, Virgina and South Carolina we offer Koi show demonstration events where distributors may select from hundreds of assorted Koi. We hope our customers compare size, colors and price before buying Carolina Fish Hatchery Koi fish.

Best Koi prices available

Best Koi prices available

These pics are a representation of how our Koi look and what you can expect. Each Koi in our
packages are hand selected, We sell high quality Koi and expect our buyers to double their
investment reselling farm direct Koi.

How to buy Koi from Carolina Fish Hatchery, Inc.

You can get Koi from Carolina Fish Hatchery, by two ways; buy Koi online or at one of our fish day events. Select your Koi from hundreds on display while you save by getting farm direct prices. We have scheduled Koi shows in or close by Greenville, Raleigh, Winston-Salem, Wilmington, Charlotte, Asheboro N.C., Richmond V.A., Myrtle Beach S.C. and Columbia SC. Koi are placed in 3 lb bags with 100 percent oxygen for home transport. An ice chest works good for keeping Koi cool and in a upright position during transport. We also sell Koi directly from the farm in Turkey, N.C, to scheduled appointment wholesale Koi buyers. Contact Carolina Fish Hatchery, Inc.: (910)-379-7689.

Koi Prices (Fish day events)

Koi 2″ to 4″   2 for  $8      $ 5 ea.

Koi 4″ to 6″ 2 for $20 $12 ea.

Koi 6″ to 8″ 2 for $30 $20.00 ea.

Koi 8″to10″ $40.00 ea.

Koi 4″ to 6″ 2 for $20 $12 ea.

Where to buy huge Japanese strain Koi online.

Koi 4″ to 6″ 2 for $20 $12 ea.